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100% Made In Italy

100% Made In Italy - Factory Direct Sale

MaxxiLine's Helium Canisters are completely studied, designed and Made In Italy. MaxxiLine's manufacturing team has been dealing in the field of gas cylinders, fire exstinguisher tanks and trolley-tanks manufacturing for more than 50 years. MaxxiLine products meet or exceed industry regulations for quality and safety. Maxxiline products are in use in a wide variety of industries in most countries of the world. Our company is committed to offering optimum quality/price ratio and is constantly striving to achieve customer satisfaction.

MaxxiLine Non-Refillable (Disposable) cylinders are designed, individually manufactured, certified and tested in according to in total conformity with requirements of the UNI EN ISO 11118:2015

MaxxiLine disposable helium canisters

The MaxxiLine Disposable Helium gas Cylinders come in a variety of sizes capable to cater the demand of many different markets and sale channels

What Size of Helium Canisters for Balloons are you interested in?

MaxxiLine Helium Canisters

MaxxiLine Helium tanks come in four sizes depending on the quantity of balloons you plan on filling:

  • 1l Helium Tank (0,11m3 110 Litre Helium Compressed)
  • 1.2l Helium Tank (0,12m3 120 Litre Helium Compressed)
  • 1.8l Helium Tank (0,16m3 160 Litre Helium Compressed)
  • 2.2l Helium Tank (0,22m3 220 Litre Helium Compressed)
  • MaxxiLine helium tanks are: Portable,Lightweight, Easy-to-use, Recyclable MaxxiLine disposable helium canisters More Info

    How Does It Works

    MaxxiLine gas bottles are filled with 100% Helium and NOT with mixture of Helium and Air as many similar products available on the market. Each bottle come with our "Push-To-Fill" Helium Balloon Filler Nozzle allows you to fill Latex and Foil balloons in a snap.

    Private Label On Request

    Upon request, MaxxiLine can also design your custom label on your behalf. The label design is open to your discretion, as long as space is available . After you have approved the custom label, MaxxiLine will begin production of your labels and gas bottles. You can obtain all necessary information writing to

    Where to Buy

    MaxxiLine Helium Canisters are available in the major party goods stores worldwide. If you are a retailer interested in selling MaxxiLine Helium Canisters, we invite you to contact our sales team to learn about our full product line. You can obtain all necessary information writing to

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    MaxxiLine covers UK, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Russia, UAE, Iran, Kuwait, Spain, Iceland, Danmark, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Panama
    We invite you to contact MaxxiLine Marketing Tel. +39 0522 272630 or at the following e-mail address for any additional information on our full range of disposable and refillable gas bottles. If you are interested in becoming our distribution partner in a Country where our products are not represented yet, you can obtain all necessary information writing to